Rick Keene Music Scene – See Spot Run Celebrate Thirty – Five Years in Powerful Style.

It all started in the basement

That’s  usually the spot rebel teenagers get together to ‘ under ‘ mine their parents’ and society’s rules. Randy Bowen and Chris Brodbeck were no different. 

Thirty five years later – the duo, along with the ‘new’ bandmates Aaron Little ( guitar ) and Dave Fudge ( Drums ) returned to the place where it kind of all started. Le Pionnier in Pte Claire. Le starting point. 

Local sensation and legendary songwriter / producer Jeff Smallwood opened things up with an acoustic set. Smallwood has known the band since the beginning and it was only fitting for him to set the stage. Cover versions of April Wine and Pagliaro set the tone and Smallwood’s version of Safety Dance -turned-ballad was eye opening. Smallwood’s musings a history lesson and a treat to witness one of Montreal’s great ( and unsung ) talents. 


Appearance wise , See Spot Run must have released their album Ten Stories High when they were playing with their Tonka trucks. Rock n Roll may be a vicous game but for See Spot Run; it’s the fountain of youth. 

Randy Bowen and Aaron Little dueled the guitar work with precision on songs that splattered their career. ‘ Au Naturel ‘ and ‘Lucy‘ from their debut album on display in full power. The Neo Punk Alternative vibrations creating a buzz in the crowd to both the fanbase and the music virgins. Considering all the music played on radio today , it’s a puzzle why more people do not wake up on their morning drives to the combined harmonies and spunk within a See Spot Run CD. 

Fudge and Brodbeck sustain the foundation with a professionalism second to none. This battery is both heavy and soft to maintain a perfect equilibrium with the twists and turns of the band’s catalogue. 

Terrified ‘ , ‘Gonna Get Ya ‘ and ‘Let It Go ‘ – a trio of tunes framing the band’s career. Catchy , hard driving and formulaic for See Spot Run. Caressing Brodbeck’s vocals for their unique sound while implanting a relentless energy into the pulse of the punters. ‘My IPad Killed my Girlfriend ‘, one of the highlights of the show and a perfect Rock / Alternative song if their ever was one. Another example of a tune that should be propelling the band beyond Nickleback status but is not. 

Le piece de la resistance. ‘Weightless’. The tune which placed the band on stage for a lifetime. The song that made many people kiss and fall in love. See Spot Run saved it for the end (as most bands would) and upon its uncaging, it proved that music is timeless. A great song is a great song no matter the place, time or era. Brodbeck’s vocals youthful as the the day it was first recorded.

Along the journey of a See Spot Run show, the playfulness shines on. Bowen and Brodbeck miming their way through various antics and adding humorous antedotes along the way. Drummer Fudge singing ‘Wild Thing’ (the one hit wonder by Ton Loc) and upon completion Brodbeck stating ‘ If you came to hear Fudge you can leave now.’ 

See Spot Run show no signs of slowing down. Why should they? It’s not their fault mainstream and radio haven’t caught up. 

Visit See Spot Run Here ! 


 Photos of last night’s show unavailable. 

This video doesn’t exist

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