Rick Keene Music Scene – Local Montreal Band East of Sunday Chosen As The Opening Act For Carvin Jones!

Never shut the door on an opportunity.

Up and coming local musicians require all the help they can get. Live venues are closing, CD sales are slumping and the money that comes in from iTunes and other streaming services is barely enough to buy guitar strings for most bands.

When out of town musicians arrive in Montreal, people that have toured most of the world – sometimes they look to support local talent by having local talent support them.

Carvin Jones is from Phoenix and he has chosen the band East of Sunday as his opening act on June 21st. The group was chosen from a very long list of original Montreal musicians.

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Thanks to a collaboration between The League of Rock Montreal and Rick Keene Music Scene – Carvin Jones’ ‘The Ultimate Guitar Experience of the Year’ show promises to be a huge and exciting event with East of Sunday as the opener.



The show is a show of firsts. Carvin Jones and The Carvin Jones Band are in Montreal for the first time in their career and East of Sunday are virgins entering the grand room known as Club Soda. 

Hold on to your hats to witness a guitar show unlike any you have seen !


Combining intense musicianship with an even more intense performance – Carvin Jones must be seen live to understand the energy. Videos and recordings do not serve justice.

Some artists require an audience and some audiences require Carvin Jones !


Listen to my interview with Carvin Here !

Stay tuned for my Chat with

East of Sunday !


Visit East of Sunday Here !





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