Rick Keene Music Scene – Whitehorse Continue Their Assent Up The Musical Ladder

Nothing beats harmonies.

Whitehorse took center stage at Montreal En Lumiere at L’Astral and demonstrated professional music without the usual ‘polished’dog and pony act attached.

Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland – the husband / wife duo are more comfortable than they should be. The chemistry both musically and spiritually was very apparent as they performed on the heels of their latest disc; The Northern South Vol. 2. 

That album is the second installment of an homage to Blues’ classics. Make no mistake about it, on disc and live – the tunes are all Whitehorse.

Combining Rockabilly / Rock / Ballad sensibilities with Country ‘twang’ is not the only thing that separates Whitehorse from most. The harmonies between Luke and Melissa are both magical and soulful. Luke’s energy balanced by Melissa’s calmness. Luke’s Yin and Melissa’s Yang. White and the Horse.

Once upon a time – the pair did it all live. Both Luke and Melissa are multi-instrumentalists who took turns on stage filling musical gaps. Drums, guitars, bass – all interchanged through their own individualistic talents. Loops and programmed sounds were also added to fill the room with Whitehorse’s sound. Currently – a band has been added to ease the workload and place the spotlight on vocals, guitar and bass playing. Luke and Melissa focused? A force.

At L’Astral – their catalog was displayed properly. No runs of songs from the same album. Whether it was John the Revelator from their latest disc or Achilles’ Desire from The Fate of The World Depends on This Kiss. The tunes fit seamlessly in a show filled with appreciative fans. Whitehorse’s following growing more and more with each passing year. Whithorse’s experience growing with each passing album.

Every band or artist should pay attention to the duo’s success. Songwriting and musicianship done the old fashioned way is the key to both an enjoyable live experience and successful albums. It is not rocket science. Keeping it simple with enough talent and hard work is Whitehorse’s recipe for a climb which should be very high.

Did I mention the harmonies?

Visit Whitehorse Here !

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