Rick Keene Music Scene – Whitehorse Continue Their Assent Up The Musical Ladder

Nothing beats harmonies.

Whitehorse took center stage at Montreal En Lumiere at L’Astral and demonstrated professional music without the usual ‘polished’dog and pony act attached.

Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland – the husband / wife duo are more comfortable than they should be. The chemistry both musically and spiritually was very apparent as they performed on the heels of their latest disc; The Northern South Vol. 2. 

That album is the second installment of an homage to Blues’ classics. Make no mistake about it, on disc and live – the tunes are all Whitehorse.

Combining Rockabilly / Rock / Ballad sensibilities with Country ‘twang’ is not the only thing that separates Whitehorse from most. The harmonies between Luke and Melissa are both magical and soulful. Luke’s energy balanced by Melissa’s calmness. Luke’s Yin and Melissa’s Yang. White and the Horse.

Once upon a time – the pair did it all live. Both Luke and Melissa are multi-instrumentalists who took turns on stage filling musical gaps. Drums, guitars, bass – all interchanged through their own individualistic talents. Loops and programmed sounds were also added to fill the room with Whitehorse’s sound. Currently – a band has been added to ease the workload and place the spotlight on vocals, guitar and bass playing. Luke and Melissa focused? A force.

At L’Astral – their catalog was displayed properly. No runs of songs from the same album. Whether it was John the Revelator from their latest disc or Achilles’ Desire from The Fate of The World Depends on This Kiss. The tunes fit seamlessly in a show filled with appreciative fans. Whitehorse’s following growing more and more with each passing year. Whithorse’s experience growing with each passing album.

Every band or artist should pay attention to the duo’s success. Songwriting and musicianship done the old fashioned way is the key to both an enjoyable live experience and successful albums. It is not rocket science. Keeping it simple with enough talent and hard work is Whitehorse’s recipe for a climb which should be very high.

Did I mention the harmonies?

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Jazz Festival Preview;Buddy Guy


Legendary is an understatement.

James St Laurent Photography

Buddy Guy is the last Blues guy. Last meaning one of very few who learned from the masters firsthand. Crafting his skills from the likes of B.B. King, T Bone Walker, Junior Wells, Willie Dixon, Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters. Live and in person. Live in studio.

Buddy will be performing tonight as part of a triple bill with Charlie Musslewhite, Steve Hill and Matt Andersen at Place de Arts as part of The Montreal Jazz Festival.

Please listen below to my interview with Buddy from a couple of years ago.



Melissa Etheridge Interview below.



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The Montreal International Jazz Festival

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Buddy Guy and Rick Keene











Rick Keene Music Scene – Jazz Festival Preview; Melissa Etheridge

What is there to be said about Melissa Etheridge that has not been said before?


Melissa is a poster woman for so many causes and inspirational platforms; to list them here would be unfair to the ones we don’t know about.

A woman of song and a woman with song. A marriage profound in it’s roots and very apparent in her latest album; ‘Memphis Rock and Soul’.

Please listen below  to music royalty as she talks about many things including the last time she shared the stage with Joss Stone. 

Joss and Melissa will be on a double bill on July 5th at the Montreal Jazz Festival. 

Melissa? What’s up?



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The Montreal International Jazz Festival

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Jazz Festival Preview; Whitehorse


It ain’t easy being green. It ain’t easy being a Whitehorse in what can sometimes be – a muddy puddle. 

Melissa and Luke have conquered the beginnings of a music career. Their outfit – Whitehorse, have gained critical success in a few short years. Stagnation can be anyone’s enemy, especially artists. The need to create and be fresh – essential to a lifespan in the arts.

Please listen below to my chat with Luke Doucet as he talks about all the above and an unlikely ( likely?) inspiration on the new album; ‘ Panther in the Dollhouse’ due out July 7th.

Luke? What’s up?



Whitehorse are performing July 6th at Metropolis as part of The Jazz Festival !


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 The Montreal International Jazz Festival 

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What’s Happening in Montreal and a Brand New Track from Steve Hackett

As usual, lots happening musically in Montreal.


Please listen below to some of these events as well as a new tune from former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett. Steve is coming to Montreal in April and find out when the tickets are going on sale.

Thanks for listening !




poster 12th


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Fiona Bevan Enjoys Talking to Strangers …

Ed Sheeran is one lucky fella…

download (4)

Having such a talented songwriting partner helped propel their song ‘Little Things’ to number one on the charts in the UK.

Now, Fiona Bevan is on her own and making waves with her new album; Talk to Strangers. A blend of Folk, Pop and Rock, her album is as unique as Fiona herself.

Please listen below as Fiona takes time from her Canadian tour, a jaunt that will have a stop in Montreal on November the 12th opening up for Whitehorse, to talk of all things Fiona.

Fiona? What’s up?


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Huey Lewis, John Mayall, Mick Taylor, Whitehorse, Johnnie Johnston, The Kentucky Headhunters and Harry Manx

A lot coming …

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Please listen below to what’s coming and who I will be speaking to on …

Rick Keene Music Scene



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Randy Bachman – Taking Care of Business … Again!

At one point in time – Randy Bachman was one half of a songwriting tandem which outsold The Beatles and Rolling Stones. Not bad for a boy / man from Winnipeg, Manitoba.


The Guess Who – Randy’s former ‘super – group’; responsible for many musical memories which are etched firmly into the subconscious of the 1960’s and early 70’s music lover.




Randy Bachman has a new album.

Heavy Blues is the name of the disc and  it includes several well known special guests. Some of whom – more than familiar to Canadian music fans.




Please listen as Randy speaks of the new album and how some of the guest spots were filled and why.






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Montreal En Lumiere Preview; Feb 19th – March 1st

Montreal En Lumiere is in it’s 16th season. 

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Click on the link above to see all the activities which take place in and around Montreal.

Please listen below to discover some of the performers and what they may be playing at their shows.

Montreal En Lumiere …. lights, camera …. action!



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What’s Happening and What’s New …?

A lot of musical stuff  is always happening in Montreal …

Click on the logos for the Montreal International Jazz Festival and Evenko – get an up – to – date list of all their shows. Buy tickets to your favorite one also !



Please listen below as I play a few new tracks from artists who I will be interviewing as well as the dates of their upcoming shows.



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Thanks for listening ! Talk soon …


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What’s Happening on Rick Keene Music Scene?

What are you doing this week?

Mending the piece of  fence where the cattle escaped through? Cooking up a pot of grits to feed the outlaws who are coming to town to soak up the Jazz Festival?

Whatever it is – fear not …

Visit Rick Keene Music Scene all week to hear some great interviews along with some great tunes. The Jazz festival is starting on Thursday – so for the following ten days; a bevy of show reviews coming your way.

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Next Week on Rick Keene Music Scene

Looking for stuff to do ….?

Angel Forrest has a CD launch at Bistro a Jo Jo tonight. Monkey Junk are playing at L’Astral. John Beaudine is at The House of Jazz tomorrow night and Monday. Just a couple of things to hear in the next couple of days.

Please listen to a couple of tracks from some of these people as well as a few others I will be interviewing next week. Should be cool.

Thanks for stopping by …talk soon!

Photo Courtesy Richard Burnett
Photo Courtesy Richard Burnett


I Don’t Like Mondays …

The beginning of the week got ya down ..? Snow got ya down? Has life in general deflated your soul?

Fear not!

A half hour of pure bliss in the form of music will pick you up out of the doldrums and into the arms of happiness. Too corny? Maybe so …

Please enjoy Edwin and The Bedouins, The Walkervilles, Whitehorse, Drukfarban and Blackie and The Rodeo Kings. Know the names?

You do now !