Rick Keene Music Scene – Jazz Festival Preview;Buddy Guy


Legendary is an understatement.

James St Laurent Photography

Buddy Guy is the last Blues guy. Last meaning one of very few who learned from the masters firsthand. Crafting his skills from the likes of B.B. King, T Bone Walker, Junior Wells, Willie Dixon, Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters. Live and in person. Live in studio.

Buddy will be performing tonight as part of a triple bill with Charlie Musslewhite, Steve Hill and Matt Andersen at Place de Arts as part of The Montreal Jazz Festival.

Please listen below to my interview with Buddy from a couple of years ago.



Melissa Etheridge Interview below.



Visit Melissa Here !


This video doesn’t exist


The Montreal International Jazz Festival

Click Here for Tickets


Buddy Guy and Rick Keene











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