Rick Keene Music Scene – Jazz Festival Preview; Whitehorse


It ain’t easy being green. It ain’t easy being a Whitehorse in what can sometimes be – a muddy puddle. 

Melissa and Luke have conquered the beginnings of a music career. Their outfit – Whitehorse, have gained critical success in a few short years. Stagnation can be anyone’s enemy, especially artists. The need to create and be fresh – essential to a lifespan in the arts.

Please listen below to my chat with Luke Doucet as he talks about all the above and an unlikely ( likely?) inspiration on the new album; ‘ Panther in the Dollhouse’ due out July 7th.

Luke? What’s up?



Whitehorse are performing July 6th at Metropolis as part of The Jazz Festival !


Visit Whitehorse Here !


 The Montreal International Jazz Festival 

Click Here for Tickets


Visit Strangers in the Night Here!











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