Rick Keene Music Scene – Melody Gardot Adds Sultry Class to The Jazz Festival

Elegance and charm. A winning combination.

Melody Gardot is one of those artists who do not fit into the ‘norm’. With all the penthouse suites belonging to the likes of Lady Gaga, Celine Dion and Adele, Melody lives on the middle floor. Seemingly, by choice. Seemingly – not by choice?

Artists like Gardot, sing and play their instruments for the art. Not to say anything bad about the aforementioned artists, they just have a different view of music and how to deliver it.

Melody was here on Saturday night as part of The Montreal International Jazz Festival with an orchestra. The group of exceptional musicians on stage with Gardot not only enhanced the performance but allowed Melody the canvas on which to paint. A flexible backdrop (if you will) to enhance Gardot’s colors.

Tunes such as Baby I’m a Fool, Who Will Comfort Me and If The Stars Were Mine – showcased Gardot’s chameleon – like personality. Her frailty, her strength and her seductive nature brought the audience on a trip. Gardot’s way of giving a tour of the foyer, the dining room , the kitchen and eventually – her bedroom door. The portal to her many moods and likes is on display but at the door you must stop. Gardot (through song choice) teases and seduces but does not allow entrance into her bed.

Photos Benoit Rousseau

Upon completion of a Gardot concert , the charm – the wit and the attraction of a multi-talented artist beams high in the sky like a musical Bat signal. Music officiants knew it was there, music fans more aware than ever and the passing fan safe in the knowledge that force – fed mainstream music can be beat by elegance and charm.

A second show takes place Sunday June 30th

Visit Melody Gardot Here

Visit The Montreal Jazz Festival Here !

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