Rick Keene Music Scene – George Benson Changes the Jazz Festival Into Broadway

Some guys are just born with talent.

George Benson was here in Montreal Monday evening as part of The Montreal International jazz Festival. Those in attendance witnessed a special evening. Special tunes, special talent and a backing band filled with rhythm.

Breezin’ started the night with an indication of Benson’s superb guitar work. Instrumentals are very much part of who Benson has always been and they remain entwined deeply within a Benson show. His style – in the vein of B.B. King and King’s mastery of holding notes with tenderness.

Turn Your Love Around Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You, Give Me the Night and The Masquerade showcased the power in Benson’s voice and his ability to seek out and destroy the human emotion which is so vital to having a hit record. Benson – over the years, is one of few artists who not only add all genres into his music but are also not shy to do other folk’s songs.

Benson’s latest album is an homage to Chuck Berry and Fats Domino. At Place des Arts, Benson showcased the tunes of the legendary performers with his own special twist. Havana Moon with it’s ever – present guitar riff elevated the mood of the both the band and the audience. Berry’s genius was always within the fun of his lyrics and music. Benson et al captured the spirit perfectly with Havana Moon.

Walking to New Orleans ( Domino) transported the audience to a simpler time in music. Nobody captured the simplicity in music than Fats Domino with his piano keys and vocals. Benson’s voice last night on Domino’s classic – just as poignant in 2019 and it was the vehicle driven to give Fats the credit he is due.

Benson and his band gave the audience Soul, Blues, Pop and Jazz. All the ingredients that are cemented into the Montreal Jazz Festival. All the tools required to educate up and coming musicians about music.

All the tunes needed to play On Broadway.

Visit George Benson Here

Visit The Montreal Jazz Festival Here

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