Rick Keene Music Scene – Move Your Music Career Ahead !

Ready for the next step with your music?

You didn’t spend all that time writing, recording, and releasing your music just to stop there, did you? Of course not. But what’s your next move? Let the Indie Bible’s 20 years of experience pave the way.

No matter where you live, which genre of music you play, or where you’re at in your career, The Ultimate Indie Bundle is your guide to getting gigs, reviews, airplay, press, distribution, connecting with labels and more! 

In PDF format so it goes with you anywhere.

The Ultimate Indie Bundle features:

  • 970 Record Labels that are ACCEPTING DEMOS!
  • 1100 Publications from around the world that will REVIEW your music!
  • 4300 Radio Stations and Shows from around the world that will PLAY your songs!
  • 1000 Music Blogs that will feature your music!
  • 140 CD Distributors!
  • 180 Digital Music Distributors!
  • 380 Digital Websites where you can UPLOAD your music!
  • 30,000 Music Venues, Festivals and Colleges!
  • Plus 190 recent articles that will help bring your career to a whole new level!

All this info and more (a $340 value) is yours for just $59.95, bundled and ready for access on your mobile device so you’ll always have it with you, no matter where you are.

Learn more about The Ultimate Indie Bundle Here

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