Rick Keene Music Scene – Paul DesLauriers is Filled With ‘Bounce’ on the New Album. Part Two

One of the best guitar players in Montreal is in a zone.

Paul DesLauriers has seen and grown a lot since he first picked up a guitar and started playing. Multiple Maple Blues awards, winner of the Quebec to Memphis Blues Challenge which led to second place at the IBC Blues competition held in Memphis, multiple critically acclaimed albums, an educator and a seasoned touring musician. What could come next?

Armed with a ‘new look’ and a recent marriage – DesLauriers, along with his band (Sam Harrison drums, Alec McElcheran Bass), have released an album called Bounce. It is a disc recorded with a live feel. A distinct flavoring of three musicians knowing each other and what level they can bring it to. A seasoning of a Blues / Rock stew.

Please listen below to Part Two of my chat with Paul about music, the new album Bounce and the upcoming show November 30th at Le Ministere

Visit Paul Here !

Smoke Meat Pete Here !

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