I Think I Busted a Button on my Trousers … I hope they don’t fall down; Part Three

Meredith Hunter – the kid who was stabbed to death at the Stones’ Altamont concert, the pied pipes from Morocco, the numerous drug busts, the backlash from woman’s groups, Elmore James, Howlin ‘ Wolf, Chuck Berry, James Brown, Tina Turner, Maggie Trudeau and even Roy Rogers – all took the stage with the Stones in one form or another …


It was the very first stadium tour. It was the very first corporate – sponsored tour. The Stones about to rake in the money after being raked over the coals by then managerAllan Klein in the late sixties to early seventies. The band not about to end up on the short end of the paintbrush at Decca studios.

Aerosmith, Z.Z Top, Van Halen, Journey, Foreigner, Thorogood, Prince and many of the biggest names in rock – opening for the last of the British Invasion bands operating in full. Balloons, multi – nation capes and Jagger on center stage in football attire . The ultimate frontman – preaching to his disciples by the thousands.


The tours now legendary.

1972 and 1975. Sex and sex and sex and sex- left the majority of the U.S in tatters. Go ahead, find the Big Apple – don’ t mind the Stones …

Stevie Wonder, the entree to a Stones’ dinner complete with side orders of Billy Preston and Ollie Brown on the 72 tour. Funky rock n roll providing Mick with a dancefloor painted with the roots of Africa. If the Stones couldn’t rock you – nobody could. If the Stones couldn’t rock you – you did not deserve to rock.


If a band toured it was a tour. If the Stones toured – it was an event. A three- ringed circus complete with elephants, rooftop television tosses and planes equipped with giant tongues. A Rolling Stones‘ Rock n Roll circus with Jagger as the demonic ringmaster. ‘Raise a glass to the salt of the earth …’

In the words of Richards’; ” I don’t have a problem with drugs – I have a problem with police …”

In front of a backdrop of pastel drawn cars, guitars and magnificent colors – 81′ re – introduced Richards and company to a new generation.

Old Standby’s ‘Under my Thumb, Lets Spend the Night Together and ‘Ruby Tuesday’ providing insight to ‘ Black Limousine‘, ‘Little T and A’ and ‘Neighbors’. Time was on the Stones’ side – time waited for the Stones. A ‘fortune teller’ not required to foresee a future for these men performing ‘2000 light years’ from their roots.

‘It’ s just that demon life that’s got you in its SWAY …’


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