I Think I Busted a Button on my Trousers …I Hope they Don’t Fall Down; Part Four

The police in New York city … chased a boy right through the park, In a case of mistaken identity – they put a bullet through his heart …’


Mick Jagger has a way with words.

An often overlooked phenomenon of the StoNES and their frontman. A poet? No. A song lyricist! Not really … Jagger from the early age of nineteen- a ‘philosopher’ stone. A wizard of the one sentence words.

‘ He can’t be a man ‘ cause he doesn’t smoke the same cigarettes as me’, ‘ War, children, is just a shot away’, ‘ Does your mother know you scratch like that?’

PHRASES which summed up the man on the street and Michael Phillip Jagger, regardless of his ‘wealth and taste’ – forever walking in the shoes of everyman.


‘Riding across the desert’ to come to your ’emotional rescue.’

No matter the times or era – the son of a physical education teacher, the top – ten graduate from the London School of Economics; an ear to the fads and styles of the new generation.

Each new Stones’ album included songs which kept them cool. Each new Stones album included true Stones’ songs. Each generation discovering tunes to suit their needs while discovering the Stones’ needs; the blues.


The band staying true to their roots while keeping it fresh. Miss You with a disco beat run parallel to blues riffs and bluesy harmonica. A lost leader in the band’s ‘ ‘pharmaceutical supply’ of gold albums hovering on every album.


‘ Walkin’ Central Park – Singin’ after dark ..people think I’m crazy …’

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