A Message to The Australian Pink Floyd; Keep on Shining You Crazy Diamonds !

Pink Floyd ain’t your normal Rock n’ Roll outfit. 

Commencing with founding member Syd Barrett’s creative genius, the band elevated music to an entirely different level. Something magical which is difficult to emulate. Except for Down Under. After all, ‘several small species of kangaroos and koalas gathered together in a cave a grooving with a pict’ sounds pretty cool. 

The Australian Pink Floyd Show played to a packed house last night at Le Centre Bell. Filled because Montreal and Quebec love Pink Floyd. A love affair going back to the glory years of CHOM FM and a (then) fairly new Olympic Stadium. 

Put it this way – ‘The Wall’ was not built in one day in Quebec. 

The Aussie version of ‘ the band ‘ have been entertaining audiences globally since 1988. For those whose forte is not math, that is twenty – eight years.That’s a lot of ‘Time‘ and ‘ Money ‘ spent / earned. 

Judging from the note for note reproductions of the Floyd catalog last night – the boys and girls from Australia have done their homework. 

To duplicate Pink Floyd, it not only requires brilliant musicianship – it also takes a lot of guts. Floyd’s tunes are opposite to a band such as The Rolling Stones. The ‘sloppy and loose’ songwriting of The Glimmer Twins in sharp contrast to the perfection of Waters and Gilmour. Miss a note within Satisfaction, the Stones faithful still satisfied. Miscue on Comfortably Numb? In the words of Robert DeNiro – ‘faget about it … ‘

Pink Floyd fans would run quickly to the Australian group’s Facebook page and tell them to ‘ leave us kids alone.‘ There is no room for error in parlaying vintage Floyd to the masses. Thankfully,  the Aussies understand and ‘can have their pudding’ because they ‘ ate their meat’.

Delicious solos, intricate backing vocals, superb sound effects combined with eerily Floyd – ish lead vocals to deliver music to the ‘ bright side of the moon.’ Clear and crisp, the real Pink Floyd may ‘wish they were here’ last evening and every night on the group’s current tour.

Fathers, Mothers and Grandparents brought their families to the Bell Center hier soir to share their memories, rekindle some youth and / or witness the music they heard on disc yet forgot the show. Floyd don’t necessarily have Christians as fans and if they do, something a few Hail Marys may cure. 

All the favourites were played out like the original recordings.’ Live’ was as good as it gets for the ensemble cast to contemplate the impact  of Floyd’s music while emphasising impact. Complete with an inflatable teacher (student?), rabbit and the prerequisite pig with demon eyes – the show left noone unaffected by the legacy of Pink Floyd’s musical endurance. 

Shine on ya bunch of crazy diamonds. Shine on …

Visit the Australian Pink Floyd Show Here! 

Visit The League of Rock Here !

Visit Evenko Here !  

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