Rick Keene Music Scene – Lawrence Gowan of Styx Talks About The New Album; The Mission !

Ground control to Maj … Oops! Wrong space journey …

Styx has returned to Earth momentarily with their first new album in 14 years ! One can say they are on a ‘mission’. A trip to insert a seamless album into the vast and historic Styx catalog. A recording that will not ‘skip’ the pure sound of the band’s timeline on disc or live. 


The album; The Mission has accomplished it’s mission. In 2017 – Styx is back on the Billboard 100 and they are landing in Quebec in August.

Please listen below to my chat with Astronaut Lawrence Gowan. He has been part of the crew of Styx since 1999. Discover his thoughts on the new album and find out if the band will be partying like it’s 1999 in Quebec !

Thanks for listening ! Talk soon !




Visit Styx Here !

Visit Strangers in the Night Here !

Visit Nuits D’Afrique Here !

Visit Jarrett Lobley Project Here !


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