Junior Wells – Live from Theresa’s; Part Two

Theresa’s was a legendary Blues club in Chicago ..


Everyone who was everyone in the Blues scene back in the day – played at Theresa’s. Starting in the 50’s right up until it’s closing in the early eighties; Theresa’s was the spot.

Nobody owned Theresa’s, music-wise like Junior Wells. No other musician, not Buddy Guy, not Howlin’ Wolf and not Willie Dixon – held court at Therea’s like Junior Wells. He was the King of Theresa’s.


Please listen to a few tracks recorded live at Theresa’s from 1975. Junior Wells as well as a ‘few’ names you may recognize – prove, without a doubt, Theresa’s was the premiere Blues club of it’s time.



Johnny Beaudine, a Sax player who currently plays at The House of Jazz in Montreal, played his horn on stage with Junior in Theresa’s.

Johnny’s words can be heard describing a bit of Theresa’s and  Junior Wells.



Johnny Beaudine is at The House of Jazz Every Monday!

Visit the House of Jazz Here!


Watch Junior Wells at Theresa’s Here!

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