A Book Every Musician Must Read – Chapter Two

Everyone is aware of  the book about positional foreplay.

Kama Sutra is the definitive ‘how-to’ book, the ‘Bible’ that is on ‘the tip’ of everyone’s fingers …

Lady Chaterley’s Lover? Yup. Most know …

These books were all penned as guidelines for the art of lovemaking.  Sex – for the inhibited …


Gern F, a singer and songwriter who was the front-man of one of Montreal’s most popular Indie bands, is now the guru of guidelines for travelling bands and musicians. Not because he has played in many groups. Not because he is Quebec’s version of Jon Bon Jovi.

Gern F is the guru because he has written a book that all musicians can relate to. Gern has penned a guideline filled with anecdotes and stories from the point of view of a travelling band. Gern F has penned  a Canadian version of ‘On the Road’ with the music BUSINESS as a backdrop.

Please listen to part two of my conversation with Gern, a former member of The United Steel Workers of Montreal, as he describes the contents of what should be – the most popular book in Canada with musicians of all types and levels of success.



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