Cecile Doo-Kingue; Do the Right Thing !

Every once in a whilea musician comes along who utilizes their ‘voice’ to ensure people are not only aware of life’s realities, they act to undo the social injustices in the world …

Cecile Doo-Kingue is that musician.

images (3)

A resident of Montreal, this transplanted New Yorker continues to bring to the forefront issues not only race related, human related as well. It is a journey which continues as the building blocks to making Cecile the best person she can be.

To make humanitythe best they can be. 

Please listen to Cecile as she speaks of her feelings as well as her recent album. Touching on subjects such as art being a cornerstone to every culture, Cecile Doo-Kingue lets it all hang out.

Is anybody listening?


Please visit Cecile Right Here!


Click Here !


Click Here!
Click Here!

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