Kevin Harvey of The Durham County Poets Talks The ‘Roots’ of ‘Monday Morning’

Country, Folk and Blues …


Three ingredients that make up ‘the Chikkaboodah Stew’. 

Did you miss a new trendy meal? Don’t worry, you can get a taste of the ‘stew’ Saturday night at Smoke Meat Pete in Ile Perrot.

‘The Chikkaboodah Stew’ is the name of The Durham County Poets’ second CD and songs from their soon-to-be-released new CD will be played on Saturday evening. 

Please listen below as lead singer Kevin Harvey talks about ‘the poets’, their influences and the chemistry within the band. You can also hear a sample from the new album !

Kevin? What’s up? 


The Durham County Poets will be at Smoke Meat Pete March 18th !

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 Matt Anderson will be at L’Astral in Montreal on March. 30th

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