Rick Keene Music Scene – Former Genesis Guitarist Steve Hackett Discusses New Album , Old Friends and A Scary World. 

Montreal is a Genesis hub.

Along with bands such as Styx and Supertramp, Genesis were received and applauded in Montreal before the world embraced their talents. Consisting of Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and Steve Hackett – Genesis served up a decade of classic music. Prog Rock. Cutting  age material that remains ahead of it’s time.

Steve Hackett , the former guitarist, feels the love  for his former band every time he is in town. Show after show are sellouts and the level of his performances  never cease to amaze.

Wolflight ( released in 2015 ) was the reason for Steve’s last trip to Montreal and in 2018 – another two albums are behind the jaunt to La Belle Province.

Please listen below to PART ONE of my chat and discover things both new and old.

Steve ? What’s Up ?



Visit Steve Here !



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