Rick Keene Music Scene – Mike Jones Talks Billy Joel, Elton John and Some Guy Named Penn Jillette?

Two guys walked into a bar and next thing you know – magic happened !

This is the tale of pianist Mike Jones. Magician Penn Jillette was one of the guys who walked into the bar and he loved Mike’s playing so much; Mike Jones became the opening act and musical director for Penn and Teller’s famous magical act in Las Vegas.

Fast forward sixteen years and the chemistry between Penn’s Bass playing and Jones’ keys was ripe for the picking. The pair play ‘The Show before the Show’ at each performance before the magic act commences. Magic before the magic !

Please listen below to my chat with Mike as he gives us his take on Elton John, Billy Joel and The Show Before The Show news.

Mike? What’s Up?





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Please listen below as Todd Galganov explains what is happening as he continues to search for his missing son Jesse in Peru.

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