Montreal En Lumiere – Kim Churchill; From ‘Down Under’ To The Top of Montrealer’s Hearts

Kim Churchill scrapped his last album and rewrote it in just a week. Judging by the performance of those songs at Club Soda Friday night; this review most indefinably must be rewritten.

A world traveler, a man with his ear to the ground and a window to the world’s soul. Churchill ( from Australia) lays everything on the line in a live performance. The beauty of that? Churchill is having fun and that aspect of his personality increases audience participation and the exchange of energy between the two parties is second to none.

The ‘garbage’ album is titled Weight Falls. It’s a magical romp over the hills and dales of human emotion. Kim, wearing his very human observations on the sleeves of his ‘low keyed’ shirt. Live – the new songs are parlayed entirely with the precious ebbs and the powerful flows of the disc.

Rosemary, the song written about a man and Kim’s Grandmother – a tale of love and appreciation. Churchill’s acoustic playing subtle yet with enough juice to feed the thirsty crowd looking for a vivacious stroll. Any great song allows the punters to gaze through the window into an artist’s creativity. Rosemary, along with most of the songs played live, do not have shades blocking the view. A Churchill performance is a voyeur’s delight.

Churchill ( Australia’s National Youth Folk Artist of the Year in 2009), along with his two percussionists – are no nonsense. Given Kim’s good looks and his ‘down under’ charm, it would be easy to place the performance on the ‘barbie’ and take the Justin Bieber approach. Churchill and his mates could reap millions of dollars while discarding soul and integrity. With an exclamation point – they do not.

No charming banter, no posing or playing for the many young girls in attendance. Songs such as Windows to the Sky, Second Hand Car and Fear the Fire are the serious words transmitted through heavy beats and feathery licks. Churchill has something to say to the world and he is not letting the puppet masters pull the strings.

Kim Churchill should be on everyone’s radar as a target for everything good on the planet earth. In a world where so much emphasis is placed on greed and corruption – Churchill’s art is a breath of fresh air drifting elegantly through the smog. Floating through and among the clouds of despair with a message of hope.

Something that should not be tossed in the garbage.

Photos courtesy Benoit Rousseau

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