Montreal En Lumiere – Jack Broadbent Introducing Real Blues To Montreal. Concert Review and Interview

Once in a lifetime …

That is how often a guy like Jack Broadbent comes along. The feel inside, the wisdom inside – cannot be taught. No technical know-how can soar so high and scream so low.

Broadbent, born in England and now a Montrealer, displayed his wares last night at L’Astral as part of Montreal En Lumiere.

Jack is a throwback. As the slide and the power commence, one can easily imagine Robert Johnson on stage. The same lanky body and the same lanky fingers are poised to attack. Add the Whiskey banter and the Whiskey shots – the Filmore West and the infamous Chicago nightclub Theresa’s are banging at the door. The police, not far behind ..

There is something about Englishmen and The Blues. Aside from the likes of Muddy Waters, Elmore James and Willie Dixon ( the original American Blues players) – it appears only the English truly understand how to play it right.

Long John Baldry. Alexis Korner and now Jack Broadbent.

Within original tunes such as She Said, Gone Gone Gone and Without Warning; Broadbent lays Folk, Country and Blues. Most importantly, the Englishman’s songs contain spaces. Something which has been replaced in the past ten years by Blues players shredding or playing Rock n Roll and calling it The Blues.

Broadbent doesn’t want any crap or ‘show’. That aspect, a truly English way of life, was apparent Saturday night in songs such Along the Trail of Tears and Holdin. Broadbent more and more disappearing into his world and his ‘space’ as the show went on. Zoning out and zoning in to the long and winding voyage of The Blues within his own music. Within his own soul.

A once in a lifetime show with several encores to follow …

Please listen below as Jack and I talk about Saturday’s show and The Blues.

Jack? What’s up?

Visit Jack here !

Visit Montreal En Lumiere Here !

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