Rick Keene Music Scene – An Exclusive Look Into The Band Behind the Greatest St. Patrick’s Day Celebration !

They are a reclusive bunch of guys …

The band rarely make appearances. They seldom do interviews. Occasionally they will release new songs. Somehow, despite all this – they remain on top.

The leader of the band ( for this article to remain anonymous we shall call him Jack) roams the barren landscape surrounding his mountainous retreat. The serenity of the grounds provides him the time required to ensure his vocals are in top form. The air injects the power needed to pitch all the tones essential for a three hour show.

I sat down with Jack in his garden.

Rick Keene Music Scene; Jack, how does it feel to be wanted so bad yet remain almost invisible?

Jack; It’s a great feeling. My Mom would be proud.

Rick Keene Music Scene; So your Mom was worried about your safety? Being attacked by the hoards of fans?

Jack; No she would be proud because I am featured on the internet.

Rick Keene Music Scene; Um ..sure but the success of the band and to remain on top all these years would not make her proud?

Jack; She hated the band. She wanted me to pursue other careers.

Rick Keene Music Scene; Of course, that’s natural, every parent wants their kids to be the best they can be. Like a doctor or a lawyer.

Jack; My Mom wanted me to be a rodeo clown. I have a fear of horses, cows … well actually all things with four legs. That is why I’m one of the only guys I know who does not eat hamburgers.

Rick Keene Music Scene; So you chose to be an entertainer to act out the clown role on stage?

Jack; No. I chose to sing and front my band because I did not have to buy equipment. Then at gigs, I get free beer and food and I got lifts home with girls. Well ( he laughs) their homes at night and mine in the morning.

Rick Keene Music Scene; So the success of the band and you as a front-man was accidental?

Jack; Yes because I never sought it out but no because once I was involved, everything was planned by me.

Rick Keene Music Scene; So you take full credit for the success?

Jack; No.

Rick Keene Music Scene; I’m confused …

Jack; The success of the band is because we are four guys who have fun and the crowds were drunk and kinda trapped. At the beginning, in the place where we started, the bartender took everyone’s keys. We kept ours though. Mostly in C or A …

Rick Keene Music Scene; Once the word got out, the band and the music took off?

Jack; Yes. I think Pete went to Florida for a week, Steve went to Maine and George visited his Aunt in Des Moines Iowa.

Rick Keene Music Scene; If you guys took a break, how did the popularity grow so fast?

Jack; The mystery of it all. Where did they go? Who were they? That is when we decided to play gigs once every five years. You can’t miss us if we don’t go away …

Rick Keene Music Scene; How have you grown in the past twenty years?

Jack; For me, about three inches. The rest of the guys I cannot say but I believe Pete has shrunk a bit lately. Either that or he wears flatter shoes …

Rick Keene Music Scene; So you guys have some rare gigs coming up on March 16th and 17th? St. Patrick’s Day weekend?

Jack; Yes. We used to play at this place many years ago but following the ‘beetle incident’ – a break was necessary for both parties involved.

Rick Keene Music Scene; Does the band have the same line up all these years?

Jack; Pretty much. Unless there is an armed robbery or something then there are different guys next to us at the police station.

Rick Keene Music Scene; The beauty of your shows are the obscure songs you choose to play. Will these songs be included this coming weekend?

Jack; Define obscure? To us or the audience?

Rick Keene Music Scene; To the audience ..

Jack; Yes.

Rick Keene Music Scene; Well, I know your publicist told me that I only have ten minutes. I have one final question. People can go to your site to find out about your gig and information about the band?

Jack; This is true ..

Rick Keene Music Scene; What is true?

Jack? Jack? Where did you go ????

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