Chaim Tannenbaum; His First Album and It’s a Beauty !

Chaim Tannenbaum has done many things in life. Releasing an album is not one of them.

Until now …

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Informally, he is known as the Godfather of Canadian Folk music. Having co-produced Loudon Wainwright and worked on practically every album the McGarrigle Sisters and Loudon delivered.

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Keeping it among the family, Tannenbaum has also worked with Rufus and Martha Wainwright. 

Following a thirty-five year career as a Philosophy professor, Chaim has decided to release his first CD. As they say in hand grenade tossing; better late than never … !

Please listen below to my chat with Chaim. He speaks of his influences, working as a professor and the new album. Discover his thoughts on Bob Dylan !



Chaim is at Upstairs Bar and Grill on June 9th !


Visit Upstairs Here !


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