Nanette Workman – ‘You Can Always Get What You Want ‘ …

Nanette Workman is not a born Quebecer. A fact which some people know …

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Nanette was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. She was inducted into The Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame in 2000. Not bad for a Quebecer … eh ?

The now 70 year old singer / musician / composer and actress moved to Montreal with her Pop Idol boyfriend and recorded her first album in French in 1967. Pretty cool since at that time – Nanette did not speak a word of that language.

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Nanette has worked with practically everyone in the music business over the years but perhaps, her most famous session was with The Rolling Stones. Lending her voice to a couple of songs which are part of the cornerstones of Rock music. Part of Rock history …

Please listen below as Nanette explains part of her early career and what songs she sang back -up in The Rolling Stones; vast catalogue. Nanette will be a coach in Montreal’s first edition of The League of Rock. Stay tuned for PART TWO and hear how Nanette will be approaching her gig as a coach.

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Thanks for Listening !


 Visit Nanette Here !


Sign Up for The League of Rock Here. Mention Rick Keene Music Scene and Receive a $150.00 discount !


Visit Dwane Dixon Blues Here and Buy the New Album;

Working Man Blues




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