A Must Listen as Junkyard Villain Rocks The Cause ! Saturday November 19th. Be There or Be Square!

Canadians are a friendly bunch.

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A place where citizens practice apologies rather than hate. Slap-shots in lieu of slander. Snowball fights instead of ignorance.

In short – Canadians are kind, helpful and giving. You know … polite.

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If there is one Canadian who exemplifies what it is to be Canadian, it is The Junkyard Villain. 

What’s that? Junkyard Villain? Is this a professional wrestler who seduces with his flashy smile and quick hands? A friendly hulk of a man who then proceeds to smash his victims into a bleeding mass of humanity? Not quite.


Junkyard Villain has an alter ego.

 Junkyard Villain is Percy Hart. A fun loving type of guy with a heart of gold. Percy – in recent years, has realized two things. One, life is too short not to give back and two; music is a good thing with enormous healing powers. 

Please listen below as Percy aka Junkyard Villain – explains his first album and his involvement in this weekend’s

6th Annual Rock The Cause. 

Perc … er I mean Junkyard Villain …What’s Happening?


Visit Rock the Cause Here !



  Next Showcase for The League of Rock Montreal is

Wed. November 16th at

Calistoga Grill Pte Caire

See You There !


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