Barbra Lica Is ‘ Still Learning’. A Great Thing for Music Lovers of All Genres. Full Two Part Interview

Once upon a time, there were four categories of music to play if you wanted to reach radio stardom

Rock, Country, Jazz and Blues.


There were other genres such as Classical and Opera yet face it, the stars of the latter ( minus a handful) did not reach the same global popularity as the stars of the first four genres.

Somewhere along the way, music became more complicated. World sounds entered the fray as television and radio reached the far corners of the globe. Musicians starting adding sounds and rhythms to their repertoires. As quick as the Joker was on the sideline in a cast,  many sub-genres emerged.

Competition became fierce as record labels and  store owners scampered to label and sell as much music as possible. Sadly – making a living as a musician became more difficult if ‘ the rules ‘ were not followed.


Singer / songwriter Barbra Lica  (inadvertently) is changing all the rules.

Her third album has a catalog of yesterday combined with the freshness of today. A musical trip without ‘tripping’ over politically correct labeling. A welcome relief for any music fan as the auditory senses bask in the rays of song.

 Please, listen below as Barbra speaks of the great musicians who helped her create the album …

I’m Still Learning’.

Barbra? What’s Up?


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