Rick Keene Music Scene – Top Ten Favorite Interviews 2016.

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In the past year, many musicians from all genres have been kind enough to speak with me. Giving their time and music to share stories and insights from the world of music.

Tales of recordings, the dynamics of bands or plain anecdotes from where they come. 

Nanette Workman
Nanette Workman

To siphon the interviews into a tank of top ten – both unfair and impossible. Each artist, regardless of status, unique in their own skin. People are people. 

Below is a list of my favorite interviews from 2016. The ones which, for one reason or another, stood out and continue to reverberate inside my head and sustaining a lasting impression.

Here now are  my

Top Ten Favorite 2016 Interviews !

Thanks for Listening!


10.  Rob Garcia

Rob was Woody Allen’s drummer for many years in New York. One of the top ten Jazz drummers on the circuit and a veritable potpourri of musical information. 

9. Chaim Tannenbaum

The Godfather of Canadian Folk music. A ‘muse’ for Martha and Rufus Wainright. A true songwriter who – after all these years, released his first album. 

8. Corey Diabo

The guitarist for Jonas and The Massive Attraction shared his thoughts on Chuck Berry, The Blues and Rock n Roll. From the perspective of a guitar player – interesting …

7.  Richard Murrin

A Montreal singer / songwriter who took on a personal task of writing a song a day. Not only did he accomplish his goals, every song is great ! Amazing !

6. Mike Jones

Mike, a versatile pianist who has mastered the keys unlike very many, stumbled upon a magical gig. Playing piano for Penn and Teller !

5.  Steve Hill

On the heels of a Juno Award and several Maple Blues Awards, Trois Rivieres’ prodigal son returns to Rick Keene Music Scene. The same down-to-earth guy he has always been …

4. Paul Marchand

The documentary director placed his heart and soul into the making of Jaco. The life of bassist Jaco Pastorius.  A love affair which shines through in my chat.

3. Ron Sexsmith

One of Canada’s best singers / musicians and songwriters. Ron speaks of his new album. A name every music fan should be acquainted with.

2. Nanette Workman

Not too many people can say they sang back up on ‘ Can’t Always get What You Want’  – the Stones’ classic song. One of the first females to make a name in the music business.

1. Delfeayo Marsalis

The brother of Wynton and Branford. The first family of New Orleans and possibly – American Jazz. A real insight into America as it enters a new phase. Great tunes from Delfeayo’s Grammy nominated album; Make America Great Again !

Thanks to all the musicians who took time to speak with me! Every interview is a Top Ten !

 Happy New Year to all !

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