Former Montreal Expos and Drummer Warren Cromartie Talks Montreal Baseball Project and Jammin’ with RUSH ! Part Two.

Warren Cromartie is a hero in Montreal for a couple of reasons …



Not only did the Florida native help the Montreal Expos win their first birth to the post season, he single-handily, in one sweeping motion, unified baseball with Canada.

Everyone who followed baseball in 1981 remembers when ‘Cro’ grabbed the Canadian flag in Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium and waved it for millions to understand that CANADA won a major league title. 

Before The Blue Jays and Joe Carter’s blast, Warren Cromartie, Gary Carter, Tim Raines and ‘The Hawk’ were capturing baseball hearts in Canada. Not to mention a bevvy of players who endeared themselves to an entire generation of baseball fans in Montreal. Men like Valentine, Wallach, Cash, Scott, Lee, Fryman and Sosa.


Warren Cromartie has since become a hero yet again as he heads up The Montreal Baseball Project. An organization intent on bringing professional baseball back to Montreal.

Cromartie’s second love is music. 

An accomplished drummer, ‘Cro’ has played with some pretty impressive musicians over the years and released an album in Japan. His ‘home away from home’ in Baseball and in music.

Please listen below to a great chat about the future of Baseball in Montreal and the Rock super-group Rush.

Click on the link below to find out how you can help bring baseball back to Montreal !

Talk soon !


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  1. Respectfully requesting an email address for Warren Cromartie “Cro” . I have lost contact with him since 1973. Thankyou , Sincerely, Gordon V Pieruzzi

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