Rick Keene Music Scene; Saxophonist Noah Preminger ‘Protests’ With The Help of Bob Dylan, George Harrison and ‘An American Conscience’

Noah Preminger likes to think …


Call it a social conscience or just being a caring human being. Either way, that mindset created Noah’s recent album; ‘Meditations on Freedom ‘. A response to ‘craziness ‘ which was released on inauguration day in the United States. January 20th, 2017 was not Trump’s day, it was Noah’s …


Considering Bob Dylan was / is considered one of the premiere voices of protest in the States, the song ‘ Only a pawn in their game’ is a fitting addition to Noah’s new disc. The album is completed with original compositions dotted with cover songs Noah deemed part of the solution.

Please listen below  to some tunes from the album and a great chat with Noah concerning many valuable issues unresolved in the United States and some valuable music lessons.

Noah ? What’s Up?



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