Rick Keene Music Scene; Styx Headlining ‘Strangers in the Night 13’ – August. 25th at Fairview Pte Claire

The word ‘ legendary ‘ is tossed around more often than a flea – bit peanut monkey … 

In the case of the Rock band Styx, legendary may be an understatement.

Formed in 1972 , in Chicago – the band took the seventies and eighties music scene by storm. Hit after hit propelled them into super-stardom and all these years later, their popularity remains greater than ever.

The album Grand Illusion‘ (1977) with songs like the title track and ‘Fooling Yourself‘ was one of the discs that topped the charts and the fan’s hearts. ‘Pieces of Eight ‘ ( 1978), ‘Cornerstone’ (1979) and ‘Paradise Theatre’  (1981) came next. These albums sold more than two million copies each making Styx the first band to release four consecutive Triple-platinum albums.

‘Lady’, ‘ Come Sail Away’, ‘ Renegade’, ‘Blue Collar Man’ – the list is as long as one of their monumental shows. Sitting is not an option at a Styx show especially since Canadian Lawrence Gowan joined the band in early 2000.


On August 25th 2017, Styx will be headlining Strangers in the Night 13. The charity event should be the best one night yet !

Please listen below to Gowan  dictate The Top Ten Reasons Why He Joined Styx, some words from Tommy Shaw about his first summer concert and some great Styx songs !

Stay tuned for more fantastic Styx-related stuff as the show gets closer !

Thanks for listening ! Talk soon !


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