RIVERCAT – What Happens in New Jersey, Does Not Stay in New Jersey.

What happens in New Jersey, does not stay in New Jersey.

Musically, anyways …

Springsteen set the bar pretty high for guys like Mark Rivers. Something which clearly shines through on RiverCat’s new album; Hard Road to Freedom. 

Please listen below as Mark explains his band RiverCat , his own musical influences and his job as Garland Jeffrey’s tour manager.

Hear some great tunes as well !

Mark? What’s Up?


 Part Two !


Visit RiverCat Here !


The Montreal International Jazz Festival starts June 29th. It promises – once more, to be legendary as acts from all corners of the globe meet in Montreal for the largest Jazz Festival in the world.



Keep coming back to Rick Keene Music Scene.com for interviews, previews, news and reviews about many of the artists and shows that will be part of this year’s festival.



Visit The Montreal International Jazz Festival Here !

Visit Anthony Gomes Here !

Visit MusiTec Here !







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