Denny Snyder must have been a fan of the television show; All in the Family.

Denny – along with his two kids, Lorrie and Phillip, form the trio known as The Snyders.

At first listen and glance on stage, it would be easy to label them a Blues trio. Standard Chicago – style or Delta Blues. Ya, ya, seen it before, heard it before.


Not quite. The Snyders are a mixture of different styles and genres. Something which is the true essence of the Blues. A potpourri sending sweet sounds into the air.

Please listen below to my chat with Dad Denny. He explains the Snyders, the Blues and his fam … er … band.

Denny? What’s up?



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Please listen below to my chat with Phil Brisse, the President of The Montreal Blues Society. He’ll explain everything about the

Quebec to Memphis Blues Challenge.




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