Rick Keene Music Scene – Discovering Leonard Cohen

For many people – Leonard Cohen was an old guy who wrote the song Hallelujah.

Visiting the exhibit honoring the late poet / songwriter / philosopher is an eye and ear opener. Only the folks who are deeply embedded in music and / or above the Mason- Dixon line in age are not surprised.

La Musee d”Art Contemporain, adjacent to Place des Arts in the core of Downtown Montreal, is housing the exhibit which runs until April 9th. Leonard Cohen, the globetrotting student of pretty much everything, is once again – back in Montreal. Sadly – this time, it’s his final resting place. Happily – he’s home.


Kara Blake, a Montreal – born filmmaker, offers just one of the video channel projection forms celebrating Cohen’s life. Just one of the exhibit’s classrooms coughing up knowledge on the late Montrealer.

Cohen’s voice is upfront discussing various subjects in what seems like a one on one conversation with each visitor to the museum.
Love, humanity and spirituality.
The profound observations and introspective ideas which made Cohen the most celebrated poet in the past fifty years. A visitor cannot leave the film unaffected.

Turn the corner and suddenly, Leonard Cohen’s study is your study. 

A replica of Cohen’s ‘garden of Zen’ is both haunting and inspiring. The room could be anyone’s room. The space, the decor, the laptop, the keyboard – all items could be the same tools a five year old kid may use for his future musings. The musings of the future no different than the past with a different outcome.

Then there is the music. 

Interspersed  with Cohen’s words and antidotes – the music and songs transcend decades. Bird on a Wire sung by a mid twenties, middle age and older Cohen. A trip backwards yet into the present past. A fascinating viewing and insight into how much the man’s passion and instinct never changed. The frame became rusty yet the engine still roared.

Wall -to-wall concert footage with state of the art sound. Light enough at times to witness the faces of the visitors. Eyes growing into saucers with each new lesson learned from the mouth and guitars of Cohen.

To explain the entire exhibit on any page would be a crime. An injustice to the many artists and artisans who have created an exhibit worthy of a day spent. Two days if the curiosity of knowledge is profound. Three if curiosity of Cohen is acute. A week if the thirst for words a main course.



Visit The Museum Here !


Please listen below as  Todd Galganov explains what is happening as he continues to search for his missing son Jesse in Peru.

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