Rick Keene Music Scene – Carla Bruni ‘Covers’ Montreal

Sometimes, one does not know what to expect from an artist.

Model / actress / singer / songwriter Carla Bruni is one of those artists.

On the heels of her latest album French Touch – the native of Italy and wife of former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy, elegantly wowed L’Olympia on Sunday night. Song by song. Cover by cover.

French Touch is Bruni’s fifth album. Predominately, her original compositions are French. Historically, Bruni’s originals are well crafted beautiful ballads with seats on the European charts. A sold out venue in Montreal was not a surprise and the French / Italian and English singer delivered what the folks wanted.

Le chemin des rivières, J’arrive à toi, L’amoureuse, Le plus beau du quartier and Tout le monde. Songs sung by a songbird backed by a band who are headliners in their own right. Bruni’s vocals at times sweet, at times strong. A twenty year career in France not by accident.

Her latest album was the interesting part of her Montreal appearance. It’s an album of covers and Carla has recharged them to an almost unrecognizable chant. None more so than AC DC’s Highway to Hell.

Much like former back up singer to the Stones Lisa Fischer, Bruni has taken classic Rock tunes and increased their values as songs. Miss You (The Stones), Moon River ( Mancini), The Winner Takes It All (ABBA) and Crazy ( Willie Nelson) – just a few of the songs that sound familiar but not the same. Bruni’s renditions prove once and for all, a good song can stand the test of any genre. Lumps of clay can be remodeled to suit the mood.

Combined with French ballads ( one Italian ), the covers added mystery and vibrancy to what would otherwise be a very quiet ( too quiet ) evening. Bruni was no nonsense and to the point in describing the songs with intermittent antidotes thrown in. Her charm and class in full bloom.

Half way through, the audience still did not know what to expect.

Visit Carla Here !

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