Rick Keene Music Scene – Carvin Jones; Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself Montreal !

It is easy to live in a cocoon and be oblivious to the outside world.

An almost incestuous mindset takes place as the ‘homies’ live and breathe with blinders on as they traverse the musical path they know.

Guess what? Outside of the pond – there are bigger fish. Barracudas and sharks.

Out of fear, the leaders of the blind – lash out to not only protect their territory, to sustain the ‘legend in our own minds’ mentality.

A sad state of mind as barracudas and sharks can be beautiful to observe. Menacing yet colorful and vibrant as they glide effortlessly through the troubled pond with ease and finesse.

Ladies and gentlemen – behold a shark …



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Tune in Thursdays from 7 pm to 10pm

Rick Keene Music Scene

New Tunes, Old Tunes and Comedy !

Rock -Fm.ca

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