Rick Keene Music Scene – Montreal’s Next Super-Group; East of Sunday

In sports, music and all forms of art and business – every ten years or so,  a new superstar emerges.

The band, East of Sunday, just happen to be from Montreal and they will ensure another Montreal group (The Damn Truth) won’t get lazy. If so – Montreal will have a new crowned champion in the Rock n Roll scene sooner rather than later .

East of Sunday will rock you !

Four guys who know how to combine sensibility, hard Rock, Country, melodies and craftsmanship into one tight package. All the ingredients necessary to make a career in a very tough music business.

Derek Wiltshire ( guitar,vocal and songwriter) leads the band with forcefulness. Projecting his voice with integrity and power. His guitar – equally powerful with acute riffs and stingy solos. Tunes such as Cold Heart Killer, Treat Me Right  and Anti Valentine instill a message that East of Sunday are real. Derek Wiltshire is real.

Brothers Michael (drums) and Ryan (Bass) Zinck hold the rhythm section down with enough swing to create a sound sadly missing in Rock n Roll these days. None of those monotone beats heard so much these days. The brothers know how to create energy while grounding the sound of East of Sunday with finesse. Ryan slapping the bass beyond normal and implementing funk into Rock.

Songs such as She Drive Me / Wandering Star , Comfort Creature, Nightmare, Struck a Chord, Stay and Play and Superstition – create valleys , peaks and abysses. Giving the audience a journey filled with incredible highs and primal lows. Much of that is due to guitarist Serge LeBlanc with his feel and touch. Knowing when to breathe and when to hold the notes inside. A perfect partner to Wiltshire as the pair trade riffs and solos. Different enough but similar to keep East of Sunday as a whole.

With their first taste of a big club show under their guitar straps, quality songwriting and musicianship beyond their years as a group  – East of Sunday are on the brink of leading Montreal Rock n Roll back to the future.

Once radio gets a hold of them – there’s only one way to go …

West of Sunday …

Follow East of Sunday Here !

BackTraxx Here !


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