Top Ten Things Overheard at the 2015 Grammy Awards

Ah ….the Grammys.


The award show to top all award shows …

An occasion where all the artists who wish they were musicians get together and collect phone numbers. Cleavage replaces talent and talent attempts to keep abreast.


In all fairness, the majority of the nominees started out in music for the right reasons. In all fairness – the majority of those nominees are not American …

The Grammy Award show does have it’s moments. Memories created by words the microphones do not pick up. Verbal gems. 

Here now, are the

Top Ten Things overheard at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

10. Shouldn’t Tom Petty be receiving the award that Sam Smith just won?

9. Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry looked great but … what does this have to do with music?

8. Hey Mom? I waved at that Stevie Wonder guy and he didn’t wave back? Your generation of stars are very rude ..!

7. Is John Mayer a legend or is John Legend a mayor? I always forget ..?

6. Is it true that Tony Bennett is Tom Jones’ father?

5. Um …sorry about that. I was calling an usher … Please get back on stage, I think you are supposed to be singing ….

4. I know they are not really playing their instruments or singing but we have to plug them in to make it appear as they are …

3. I don’t care what I just said  – unplug Madonna’s microphone! Quick!

2. Hey man – is there a place where I can hear some good tunes?

 … and the number one thing overheard at the 2015 Grammy Awards?

1. Hey? Who is that African American with Paul McCartney?




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