Top Ten Things Overheard Backstage on The Rolling Stones’ 2015 Zip Code Tour


The Stones are at it again …!

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Fifty-three years since the boys formed a band in the name of a Muddy Waters’ song – they are back on the road and visiting fifteen cities in North America this summer.

Ronnie Wood just celebrated his fortieth anniversary with the band and he holds up the rear at the young age of sixty – eight.

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Jagger ( 71), Richards ( 71) and Charlie Watts (74 ) are Rock’s royalty. Having survived and surpassed everyone in the music business except for a few of The Bluesmen who inspired their careers.

In 2015 – the backstage antics ain’t what they used to be for the Bad Boys of Rock n Roll. Times have changed …

Here are the Top Ten Things Overheard Backstage at a Rolling Stones Concert in 2015 …

10. Hey Mick! Don’t flirt with her! That’s my great, great, great granddaughter!

9. Really? Do we have to play Jumpin’ Jack Flash for the 1,567, 987, 000 time?

8. Anyone seen Charlie’s teeth?

7. Wow! Red Bull is much cheaper than heroin !

6. What city are we in? Never mind that – what happened to 1972?

5. I really think we need to use more than three chords if we want to survive as a band …

4. I don’t care if you are now called Sir Mick! Please get off of my foot!

3. Depends …! Where is our supply of Depends .. ?

2. Come up with a new riff? That’s crazy talk …..

and the number one thing overheard backstage at a Rolling Stones 2015 Concert?

1. Okay ..okay Ronnie … You made your point! As of right now – you are officially a Rolling Stone and we will start paying you money …





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