Top Ten Signs Your Career as a Rock Star ‘May’Be Over

Popularity can be a fickle thing …


On top of the world one moment, singing with Justin Bieber the next!

Sometimes, musicians do not want to give up their last ditch effort to remain as the Gods they once were. Too often – they become jokes and popular only among drunken patrons who themselves attempt to rekindle their youth.

Here now are the Top Ten Signs Your Career as a Rock Star May Be Over.

10. You start buying tents to use as Spandex pants in order to ‘recapture’  that ‘ 80’s look’ in a size 58.

9. Your ‘groupies’  have to be back at the nursing home before 10 pm – putting a definitive ‘crimp’ on your sexual escapades.

8. Your only number one hit is louder from the jukebox in the bar next door than your voice is live at ‘Jed’s Custom Car and Wiener Show’ in the parking lot of Walmart in Topeka, Kansas.

7. While appearing in studio at a Classic Rock radio station, the DJ whispers during a commercial; ” What was your name again?”

6. When people find out who you are on the street, they ask; ‘ Can you get me Pete Best’s autograph?

5. No matter how hard you try – live performances cannot match the success of that cool video you filmed with Michael J Fox riding gigantic dragons across the stage.

4. Those ‘ five – minute-over-the-shoulder guitar solos’ force cancellations of the next five gigs to allow sufficient time for the pulled back muscles  to recover!

3. Your can no longer boast that your wife was the Centerfold of the Month in Playboy magazine – 1958!

2. It used to be hair and makeup before shows. Now it’s only makeup because you DON”T HAVE HAIR!

and the number one sign your career as a Rock Star may be over?

1. The teenagers in your neighborhood refer to you as ‘that 70’s dude!








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