Lisa Fischer Brings a Smile to Montreal

 The star of 20 Feet to Stardom was twenty feet away. So – it seemed …

The former back-up singer for The Rolling Stones ( just one of many acts Lisa Fischer has enhanced), was at Maison Symphonique in Montreal Saturday night with her band; Grand Baton.

What a band it was …

In a day and age of auto tune and auto – ‘everything else’, Lisa and her mates displayed real sounds in real time. Commencing with a cover of Amy Grant’s ‘ Breath of Heaven’, Lisa’s vocals filled the room with sounds that were otherworldly.

Combining angelic sweetness with Ella – viscosity, Lisa and her band Grand Baton; JC Maillard (guitars, keys), Aidan Carroll (Bass) and Thierry Arpino ( Drums) ,upped the ante in a musical world filled with bluffs.

The trio of musicians adding and subtracting vocals through their instruments. Endorsing Fischer with a mutual admiration and in turn, adorning La Maison Symphonique with golden trinkets. Songs we thought we knew …

‘Rock n Roll’ ( Page, Plant) has been heard millions of times around the world by each Rock fan individually. Multiply that by billions of people, it is one of the most globally popular Rock songs in history. On Saturday night, Lisa and the band made it instantaneously unrecognizable. No small feat. No wrong turns. No stone unturned.

The beauty of a Lisa Fischer / Grand Baton show lays in the telling of stories. Each song such as ‘Rock n Roll’ – explored profoundly. Nuances, melodies, structures, chords and lyrics. Explored in their entirety by the performers before the group hits the stage. Impeccable research and rehearsals take place in order for the songs such as David Bowie’s ‘I’m Afraid of Americans’, Little Willie John’s ‘Fever’  and The Stones’ ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash‘ to shine like Super Novas in a universe filled with falling stars. Each song performed the way they were probably penned before record companies and radio got involved. Before big money got involved.

Each cover retaining moments of ‘face’recognition. A chorus, connotation of a lyric or a riff. The remaining ingredients  – like improvised Jazz with every genre added for the perfect blend. The perfect adventure. The perfect storm.

Rarely does there exist a vocalist whose power is not in need of microphone. A singer who can have the microphone ’20 feet away ‘ and still send shock-waves to the rear of a venue. Reverberating throughout – tickling the souls and toying with the senses. Elvis Presley did it and in 2016 – Lisa Fischer is carrying the vocal  ‘Grand Baton’ around the world.

In music, there are four types of musicians. Fair, good, great and exceptional.

There are also the musicians who have followed the steps and not betrayed their craft. Able, willing and curious to understand where all levels of musicianship comes from. Understanding the principles of the soul through global voyages. The real origins of music are not stationary.

Saturday night, in a day and age of uncertainty in all aspects of life including music, Lisa Fischer and Grand Baton gave Montreal shelter. War – after all, may be just a shot away and Lisa proudly reminded the crowd of the ‘global’ stage from where she came …

A blessed musical education.


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Wed. November 16th at

Calistoga Grill Pte Caire

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