The League of Rock Montreal – Final Showcase, Studio Tracks and A Wrap Up with CEO Gary Johnston. Part One.

The League of Rock Montreal is nearing the finish line in its inaugural session.


It has been an interesting journey. 

Four bands created from nothing. Rising from personal prowess to functioning Rock n Roll bands. Operating at high speeds as they cruise the landscape of music in Montreal.

Along the way – gathering information from some of Montreal’s crème of the crop professional musicians. Rock star coaches.

Rock star nurturing.


All the rehearsing finished. All the coaching completed. All but one showcase filed away under accomplishment. Studio tracks recorded, pizza and beer consumed. All that’s left is to accumulate groupies and put on one last show. An encore for the new fans and a stage to gather interest for future gigs.


It has been eleven weeks of Rock n Roll heaven. Stars have been born.

Please listen below to part one of my chat with The League of Rock Montreal CEO Gary Johnston as he explains his thoughts on the first year of operation in Montreal.


Listen to three tracks laid down by three of the bands who helped make up The League of Rock Montreal!

Stay tuned for Part two and one more song !



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Next Showcase for The League of Rock Montreal is

Wed. November 30th at

Le Bier Mrkt

See You There !


Visit The League of Rock Here!

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