Bands for Baskets – Feeding the Needy in the West Island for Eleven Years!

 There are starving people living in the West Island.


It is easy to ignore life’s problems when everything is great in yours !

One dayBands for Baskets may be something you are thankful for as life  tosses a curve ball across your empty dinner plate. Suddenly – a food basket will be the best gift you will ever receive!


Please listen below to some very interesting Christmas tunes as well as information about the

11th Annual Bands for Baskets !

Thanks !

Visit Bands for Baskets Here !


Stay tuned for some awesome pictures from the studio and the last showcase of  The League of Rock Montreal !

Purchase a Telecaster Signed by The League of Rock Rock Stars Here !


 Visit MusicCounts Here !


Visit Bands for Baskets Here !


Visit The League of Rock Here!

 Visit Evenko Here !

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Click Here !





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