The League of Rock Montreal – Cold Shot in The Final Showcase

No longer, deer in the headlights …

Cold Shot

This was the transformation which took place within the League of Rock Montreal in the past two and a half months. An alteration of Rock n Roll clothes into Rock n Roll tuxedos.

Figuratively and literally …


Cold Shotthe band.

A mixture of Blues, Funk and Pop. A potpourri of versatility. A ship led by an entertainment scholar with a natural ease on stage and buoyed by a guitarist ( Gregory Gallagher) with one year experience under his strings. Martin Jaz on Bass along with Jordan Gosselin on drums – a battery section capable of slow trances and lightning fast beats.

Texas Flood ( Stevie Ray Vaughn), Billie Jean ( Micheal Jackson) Uptown Funk ( Mark Ronson) and Snuff ( Slipknot). The staples of a dynamic set in the last showcase and except for Snuff, the staple of the band’s involvement in The League of Rock Montreal.


These tunes were hashed, rehashed and hashed again in rehearsals, gigs and the recording studio. Like any band, practice creates creativity, discipline  and next to perfection. Like any band – the journey to ‘the show’ is filled with arguments, agreements and bonding.

Cold Shot was no different. 


Martin Jaz on Bass. A twenty year player who cites John Myung of Dream Theater as his go to guy.

Jaz uses a Music Man Bongo 6 Bass and incorporates patience and a calmness to the songs at his fingertips. Bass players are the unsung hero in most bands and Martin’s personality suits the role like a round peg in a round peg hole. No squares allowed on Bass if a band is to succeed.


According to Martin – himself and Gallagher brought The Blues to the band, Slipknot was for drummer Gosselin and Billie Jean and Uptown Funk was to fit the versatility and dynamics of singer Apos’ performances. Jaz does concede it was difficult to make the song arrangements since the guys were together for a short time.  They decided as a unit to have a great time and put aside anything which was non beneficial to the sum of the parts.

Apo D. Kali

As far as the future goes, Martin would like to work together with Gallagher. Jaz believes Gallagher is a very talented kid and can’t wait to see how Gregory  grows as a guitarist.

Jaz also plays in a corporate band named Unison Band . They are currently seeking a male singer. Apo was approached and the future may or may not see Martin and Apo together again.

As far as Martin’s involvement in The League of Rock Montreal? 

“I grew as a musician and was very surprised how the band came together in such a short period. It was an awesome experience and I got to meet people in the industry”.

Gregory Gallagher, the ‘new kid’ on the Montreal music block, used a Gibson Flying V and a Fender Strat for his time in The League of Rock Montreal. Gregory sums up his learning curve …

“For me, being new to playing in a band, I learned a lot. ” Admits Gallagher. “The most important thing was I learned when to step up and when to step back. To not take away from a song but add my element. Everyone has a different part and makes a different noise but at the end we all come together to make one giant noise. “

Gallagher is a big fan of  Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Muddy Waters. Being part of The League of Rock Montreal exposed him to different genres which he realized he is able to play. The musical world opened up in a big way for Gregory.

The future for Mr. Gallagher?

“I want to study music here and hopefully actually work in Korea later on but right now I learn from guys like Dwane Dixon and Corey Diabo who I know on a friendly basis and hang out with. I get a lot of tricks of the trade from them…  The music industry in Korea has a huge demand for musicians of all genres. I will do another League of Rock when the next session starts. It gave me a taste of what it is like to be a working musician from going to rehearsal to recording to gigging with a band you play and practice with for a good amount of time.  It differs greatly to going to jams so at first I was scared but I found that I could keep up with my fellow musicians and you learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses and use it to your advantage as a band.

Overall it’s a great experience and it’s given me the idea of what I’m kind of going for in my future. I learnt a lot and the price you pay to do this cannot even compare to the amount of experience you get at the end. It’s worth the money and time. “

Please listen below to Texas Flood / Billie Jean by Cold Shot.

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