Rick Keene Speaks to Eric Burdon …

As Barney from the hit show ‘How I met Your Mother’ once said;

Legend … wait for it … ary!


Eric Burdon possesses one of the true voices  in not only Rock n Roll history – music history as well. A man who believed in himself, his convictions and passed those messages on through unmatched live and studio appearances.

Ranked 57 on Rolling Stone magazine’s Top 100 Vocalists of all time – Burdon is a survivor. A student of the Rhythm and Blues which, until the British Invasion – lay dormant in the very country which gave birth to it.


Commencing with his band The Animals, Eric passed ‘The Black Music’  through songs such as ‘The House of The Rising Sun’, ‘Sky Pilot’, ‘Monterey‘ and ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’ . He then edged into a more funkier sound with War starting in 1969 and into the early seventies.

‘Spill the Wine’, ‘Tobacco Road‘ and ‘You Can’t Take Away our Music‘ were direct results of a ‘Vietnam -led’ changing of the innocent times. Burdon remained cutting age in lyrics, vocal style and conviction.


Please listen as Eric Burdon covers a range of topics in a fascinating conversaton …

Mr. Burdon … ?


Visit Eric Burdon Here!


Buy Tickets Here for the November 18th Show at L’Olympia!














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